Over 21 Years Of Treatment Experience

Jullo has been successfully treating patients for 15 years. Our proven and internationally accepted methods make us the most successful comprehensive treatment Solution available in South Africa. Our counsellors have a combined recovery experience of over 100 years.

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Our treatment is medically monitored and administered by professionals in the industry, some of whom have experienced and understand the patients problem first hand. With 100s of successful recoveries annually, our model has proven to be highly effective in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention.

Experienced Treatment Team

Including our model in your treatment plan gives you access to one of the most experienced and empathetic teams in addiction treatment.

The multi-disciplinary team includes addiction medicine trained professionals, psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, dance and music therapy, activity specialists, spiritual counsellors and 12 step facilitators. When you are weak, let our strength give you hope and our programme be the blueprint for recovery.  All we need from you is a commitment to the programme. Our model strives to develop well adjusted, serene patients who will be committed to their and their families recovery.



Addiction needs a comprehensive set of tools for effective treatment. Our strength lies in an accurate, assessment by experienced professionals complemented by an appropriate bio-psycho-social treatment plan delivered in the most appropriate setting. The 12 step model is encouraged as the spiritual component and patients are free to explore their respective religions. Our experienced, caring staff provide hope for patients and families. Our model has innovative state of the art techniques and developed modern treatment settings to guide our patients and families to a better quality of life. Our commitment to treatment excellence is also reflected in our active participation in professional education for under and post graduates training as health practitioners. We are actively involved in policy development for national government, the labour sector and pharmaceutical industry. Our Executive Director also serves on the International Narcotics Control Board of the United Nations


Dr Lochan Naidoo (Founder)

Dr Lochan Naidoo is an Internationally recognised addiction medicine professional who is a Founder member of the International Society of Addiction Medicine.Dr Naidoo is trained in the medical,psycho-social and 12 step model . Internationally trained Dr Lochan Naidoo served on the Central Drug Authority of South Africa as a drug expert and has been elected to the International Narcotics Control Board in Vienna. He has established and nurtured the Serenity Model from 1992 to today's leading comprehensive treatment model.  Dr Naidoo is a medical doctor with counselling and business managerial skills. Together with his wife, Julie Naidoo B.Nurs. (Adv Practice), they have commited their resources to the destigmatisaton of Addiction and Emotional Health conditions.

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Online Education
Recently launched education tool for prevention and aftercare of persons with addiction and substance abuse disorders. Access via www.rootsonline.co.za and download in your own private space. Registration online and payment by EFT, voucher or credit care.  Read More...

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ShortStay Detox Now Available
ShortStay Detox Unit is a purpose designed product for patients and families to have a meaningful brief intervention


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