Effective Recovery Solution

If you are serious about recovery, and want a legitimate shortcut to an effective sober life, then Jullo In-patient is the solution.

Successful Treatment

Acclaimed by thousands of patients and their families, referring professionals and industry, Jullo is a programme dedicated to accuracy and integrity.

Restoration of brain function and reconstruction of the family unit is the foundation of programme. Our continuum care programme has grown from strength to strength from 1995.

About Jullo

Jullo is a safe patient-friendly environment away from a busy world. Here you can find yourself. Jullo is about healing. It is about regaining control of life and re-entering the world. It's about being loved and accepted before you can love yourself. It is also about loving self examination. Jullo helps redefine and reshape your values, enhancing your life and the lives of those around you. It challenges you to grow and develop into better human beings. Through Jullo you recover and regain your humanity.


Services include:

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
Relapse Prevention
Full Catering
Indoor Games
Computer Lab
Family Intervention
Individual and Group Sessions
Medical Supervision
Access to www.rootsonline.co.za Prevention & Structured Wellness Education


Patients undergo an admission process that includes orientation to the facility, an assessment interview, and medical examination. Treatment plans are documented and implemented. The minimum recommended stay is 28 days. Extended stays are recommended for some patients.



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