A World First

A world first multisensory computer assisted education is available at our luxury seminar suite in Umhlanga.

This tool is revolutionizing delivery of wellness education.

Clients are able to engage in motivational seminars and learn techniques to better manage their lives.

Effective Mentoring

Is This For Me

Do I Need Jullo HelpPoint?

  • I need the privacy of one on one coaching
  • I want to be more effective in my life.
  • I need to improve work performance.
  • I need a good support system
  • I want to make informed choices
  • I need to develop my children to cope with the world
  • I need to develop my support system


About Jullo Help Point

Employee wellness support can now be managed in Umhlanga ,Kwa Zulu Natal without disruption of daily life. Solutions can be tailored to your needs. If you want to improve the quality of your life using innovative techniques in modern comfortable environment, then a visit to Jullo HelpPoint is recommended.

Individualised solutions are recommended. Not all persons with alcohol and drug dependencies and addictions need in-patient treatment. Jullo™ is an office based facility to improve the quality of their lives. Concise assessments while developing empathetic relationships is our hallmark. Anyone wanting to improve the quality of their life can be assisted using innovative techniques and state of the art research in a modern, comfortable environment.

Clients are viewed from a multi-dimensional viewpoint. The programme assists with any addiction and its consequences. Clients attending Jullo Help Point™ are encouraged to seek treatment with their health care practitioner for co-existing conditions. The Jullo™ program provides education to develop strategies for co-existing conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension. Medical and other health care providers report that they are able to better manage patients who have undergone the Jullo™ Programme.

Effective living.. effective presentations that provide the scaffolding to support a better life. Jullo Help Point™ encourages family engagement and offers solutions for employees with minimal work disruption.
Productivity of our citizens...
and workforce is improved after a Jullo Help Point™ intervention. Improving the quality of home life leads to better productivity at work. Clients are able to continue full-time employment while attending Jullo Help Point™. Absenteeism and unsafe behaviour is reduced. Research and the Jullo™ experience has shown that support systems reduce the burden of disease the workplace. Human Resource managers, Employee Assistance Practitioners and supervisor training solutions are recommended to attend.
Youth at Risk...
at schools can continue their schooling while participating in the Roots™ programme. The best outcome is achieved by a co-operative approach with pupils and students and their families and educators. Seminars for educators and parents are available at Jullo Help Point™. IT encourages the development of resilient youth to weather the challenges of the future.
Empowerment programmes... for men, children and women who are powerless over the chaos caused by substance abuse at home are delivered in a patient friendly format in a safe environment. Families need not fear anymore and gain courage and support to live better quality of lives.


Breakdown of Costs
Assessments  -  R600
Medication  -  R300
Online Education   -  R600 for 28 Sessions
Guided Office Based Weekly Program over 6 Months  -  R6000

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