Medically Monitored Treatment

ShortStay Detox uses safe medication which is driven by our in-house protocols to assist patients to safely make the transition to stability.Although we recommend the complete primary treatment of a minimum of 28 days, we recognise that there are patients who have special circumstances that allows them only short stays.Patients who have entered recovery can prevent slips from becoming full relapses with significant complications.

Experienced Treatment Team

Including the Jullo Model in your treatment plan gives you access to one of the most experienced and empathetic teams in addiction treatment.The multi-disciplinary team includes addiction medicine trained professionals, psychiatrist, psychologists,social workers, dance and music therapy,activity specialists, spiritual counsellors and 12 step facilitators. When you are weak, let our strength give you hope and our programme be the blueprint for recovery.


Is This For Me

Do I Need to Go To Short Stay Detox?

  • I want to change but cannot afford the funds nor period for comprehensive rehabilitation.
  • I underwent rehabilitation but unfortunately slipped and need to regain my sobriety.
  • I don’t think I have a drug and alcohol problem and just need to detox so that I can get back to my normal life. 
  • I need to be free of my severe cravings for alcohol and drugs.
  • My home environment is high risk for out-patient treatment.
  • I need to be safely detoxified by experienced addiction experts.
  • I need adequate detoxification before I can enter a residential treatment facility for medium to long term treatment.
  • I need a detox programme that can also engage my family and myself in brief intervention.



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