About Us

Jullo is designed to liberate people with addictive personalities to enable them to live rich, full lives on purpose with integrity.

A cornerstone of our philosophy is the knowledge that addiction is a treatable disease that can be managed, day-by-day, through self discovery, self respect and living a life on purpose.

The life work of Dr Lochan Naidoo (MBChB) (CCDC) (Bus. Man) and Sister Julie Naidoo (B.Nursing-Advanced Practice), an internationally trained husband and wife team, our model enables those with addiction spectrum disorders to live an effective, conscious life through self empowerment and self respect.

The programme caters for the continuum of addiction care, from prevention, detoxification, hospital consultations, in-patient and out-patient treatment settings to family recovery and continuum care. The primary aim is to ensure that patients are comprehensively assessed and placed into a facility that will ensure the highest quality of sobriety for the individual patient. Customised treatment using appropriate tools from a compendium including medication, individualised and group interactions, seminars, and Roots proprietary interactive treatment software promote excellent outcomes for our patients.

Our new generation Roots intervention also improves compliance and quality of life in patients with Diabetes, Hypertension, and other chronic diseases. Roots can also form part of an essential tool in any wellness programme for corporate, industry and government.


Services include:

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
Relapse Prevention
Full Catering
Indoor Games
Computer Lab
Family Intervention
Individual and Group Sessions
Medical Supervision
Access to EduWellness Seminars



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